Fast Start To BPOs

The Introduction to Broker Price Opinions

Course Description:

If you are new to real estate, have never done a CMA, have never looked at a tax record, and maybe have no idea how to read a property tax record, The Fast Start To BPOs course is designed just for you. This course does not go in-depth with teaching adjustments, automation, or any of the more advanced techniques but, when you complete The Fast Start course, you will for sure know how to complete a BPO.  

This is what comes with Fast Start To BPOs:

  • In-Depth BPO Information Overview
  • Real Estate Jargon for BPO Agents
  • 3 Crucial Elements (The Pre-Start Process)
  • Choosing The Right Broker
  • List of 25 Companies 
  • Completing The BPO
  • Sample of BPO View
  • Tax Data Template
  • CMA Video
  • Discount Coupon to BPO Mastery ($100 Value)

***This course does not offer any FREE coaching or any coaching accessories like "questions answered on the fly". You must also purchase BPO Mastery to gain access to the "Secret Group". 

Don't Forget to Grab Your Cheat Sheets!

The cheat sheets come with essential information that will help expedite your BPOs. Remember, the goal is to complete your data entry for each BPO in 1 hour or less. 

Here's what you'll get:

Comment Worksheet: Comments that you can copy and paste for all six sections of your BPO.

Identifying Health & Safety Issues and Costs to Repair: Estimated repair prices for cosmetic and lender-required repairs.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions to help you get answers to some of the most confusing questions. This gets updated regularly. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Lessons

    • Welcome! What to expect from Fast Start To BPOs

    • What is a BPO

    • What is Your Why

    • My Story

    • Who Has a Need for BPOs

    • Real Estate Jargon

    • BPO Prestart: 3 Crucial Elements

    • Choosing a Broker

    • The BPO List: Get On Someone's List

    • Completing the BPO: Photos

    • Completing the BPO: Research and Data Entry

    • BPO Mastery and Coaching